Ava Yates, The Writer

Ava Yates is an American author from Toledo, OH. Yes, that means she survived the water scare of 2014. No, it wasn’t like the Flint Water Crisis with tainted water. The water wasn’t consumable for a little under a week, because of the amount of algae detected in it. You would have thought the world ended, because people sat in parking lots selling cases of water for $20 a piece. Besides being a strong woman who conquered a brutal time in her city, she’s a mother, a lover, and a survivor. Ava’s immediate focus revolves around her family; her large scale purpose is to impact the world with her writing. Her newest and only available book is Bulletproof (Book One of the We Are North Star series). Her other books are under maintenance and will return to the market, soon.

J.K. Rowling is a major influence on Ava’s writing career. While Ava does not write in the same genre, picking up Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone when she was six years old sparked her love for reading, and led to her passion for writing. Mark Schwahn, creator of One Tree Hill and Friday Night Lights, inspired Ava’s need to write work that moves her audience, and sticks with them throughout their lives. Ava looks up to strong women, such as Tina Fey, Melissa McCarthy, and of course, her mother.

Bulletproof is available on Amazon Kindle. Book two of We Are North Star is in the process of being written; the rest of Ava’s collection will be available by June 2017.


‘”Listen…” Jack kissed her forehead. “We lived.” He smiled weakly as he fought through the swarm of grief in his head to find something witty to say to the precious girl standing in front of him. “We’re bulletproof, Heidi. We should have written that in our paper.”’

Bulletproof, Ava Yates (2017)


Bulletproof published January 2017.

The project took Ava five years to complete.

This work was inspired by the creator of OTH, Mark Schwahn.

Details of Ava’s own life are hidden throughout this book.

Ava’s oldest character in this book is Charlie Ross.

Charlie was created for a different manuscript.

The original manuscript in which she appears is about a young mother who loses her husband and raises their three children on her own.

The manuscript above was never published.

The major event in the book was first plotted to be a fire.

It changed to the Warrior Stadium Massacre by demand of the manuscript.

Sometimes, a writer writes the book;

other times, writing the book rewrites the author.


Book One, We Are North Star

A hit-and-run accident turns the small coastal town of North Star upside down. Sixteen-year-old Charlie Ross and her friends strive to recover from the turmoil after Paige Rickus, Charlie’s best friend, dies in the car with her. While she works to define herself by something other than the “accident,” the group uncovers shocking truths: Paige’s death was a planned murder, but the wrong person died; also, the former corrupt sheriff of North Star is providing guns to high school students and ordering them to shoot during the Spring Rally at the Warrior Stadium. The tragedies prove to Charlie Ross that although love and loss hurt, some bonds are worth the pain. She unites with her friends and they become a force that survives the worst days in North Star’s history.

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